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  1. To the moon

    Last week, we celebrated the 50-year anniversary of the moon landing. It was a wee bit before my time but I am sure I would have been equally riveted watching this as I was watching the Shuttle Launches. What a
  2. Blinker fluid

    We’ve all heard at least of one of these items. Rotor-Wash, Blinker Fluid, Muffler Bearings … The names and places of this practical joke story getting way out of hand will be altered to protect the innocent. This one time,
  3. A storm is coming

    I am very lucky to live in a meteorologically and geologically boring place of the world. We rarely have earthquakes, and if we do, they’re usually minor. There are no volcanos, we don’t get hurricanes, and I don’t even live
  4. Classified work

    I was just working on a design project for a client while listening to the Joe Rogan podcast with Bob Lazar, a scientist who worked on classified projects in Area 51 and talked about it to the public, when suddenly,

Cobb County International Airport

McCollum Field is owned by Cobb County, operated by the County Department of Transportation characterizing it as a municipal airport. It is managed by a full-time, professional airport manager. The airport employs almost 185 people, and had an annual economic impact of more than $47 million to the local economy in 2002.

1723 McCollum Pkwy NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144


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