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Aviation Comics and Cartoons by Michael and Stefan Strasser
  1. Ok, WARNING! Do NOT try this at home! Of course, Chuck has this all backwards again. A sucker hole is a break in the clouds that can lure you into thinking “if only I can make it through there, I …

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  2. We’ve just published our latest video! Hope you like it! Check it out: Animation is a ton of work. If you want to see more stuff like this, please consider supporting us with a monthly donation via Patreon: Our Patrons …

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  3. Why is nobody making any profit? I bet my boss asks himself the same questions every spring until the first payment from the Forest Service trickles in. By the way, this has to be the most current, up-to-date, relevant strip …

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  4. I guess by that logic, the bank owns most of my house. Which is fine. I remain hopeful that I’ll own it one day if things go well. But a friend of mine asked the following question the other day: …

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