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  1. We don’t really know yet if there actually is an Audio Book for the FAR/AIM. Maybe some of you might know. But if there was, this is how we envisioned it to be. Of course, if we had to make …

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  2. We were actually just joking around about having the FAR’s as an audio book as well and how sleepy you’d get listening to it. But if you google it, I think it actually does exist. I even found a thread …

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  3. Many of you with actual paying flying jobs will remember this phase in your aviation career. Some of you might have given up at this point in your flying career and went to do something else for a living. I …

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  4. It’s done! Our new animated short has just been released into the wilds of Youtube! Check it out! It’s a parody of the “Top Gun 2 Maverick” trailer. Chuck is somewhat of a Maverick in his own mind, but ends …

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Cobb County International Airport

McCollum Field is owned by Cobb County, operated by the County Department of Transportation characterizing it as a municipal airport. It is managed by a full-time, professional airport manager. The airport employs almost 185 people, and had an annual economic impact of more than $47 million to the local economy in 2002.

1723 McCollum Pkwy NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144


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