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  1. Roger!

    Thank you all for the positive feedback to last Friday’s blog! We’re starting to get excited about this new phase, although, admittedly, a bit anxious too. Animation is a lot of work, and we have no idea how long it will take to actually produce something presentable. We’re not starting completely from scratch, of course, […]

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  2. Hear, hear, all you poultry fans! Some changes are afoot! For quite a while now, Mike and I have had the feeling that things are a bit stagnant here in the Chicken Wings Empire. We’ve been mulling over different ideas, projects and strategies and have decided that we need to make a few changes. This […]

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  3. Drink holder test

    Well, last Friday’s strip about cup holders sparked a more lively debate than I would have anticipated! And that’s despite one shouldn’t drink and drive! But I’m just kidding and that’s another subject, one that’s actually not very funny. Although, with self-driving cars looming on the horizon, I can see a point in the future […]

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  4. Drink holder

    I think I first came across the concept of a cup holder when I visited my brother in the US for the first time. The year was 1997. Maybe cars in Europe already had them too by then, but I don’t think I ever noticed them. That visit was also the first time I learned […]

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  5. Getting woken up

    Ah, the joys of uninterrupted sleep. I remember them fondly! And the idea of a nap also doesn’t sound too bad. I’ve just tried a couple of minutes to remember when the last time was that I actually had a nap, but other than falling asleep while trying to put my kids to bed, I […]

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Cobb County International Airport

McCollum Field is owned by Cobb County, operated by the County Department of Transportation characterizing it as a municipal airport. It is managed by a full-time, professional airport manager. The airport employs almost 185 people, and had an annual economic impact of more than $47 million to the local economy in 2002.

1723 McCollum Pkwy NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144

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