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  1. I think we had “peasants” instead of “pedestrians” in the first draft of this comic, but decided against it, because it would have been too mean, even for Chuck. As somewhat of a pedestrian myself, I have to say that …

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  2. Being the short skinny guy, the top of the wing, and/or the inside of the tail section, were pretty much where I made my living back when I was working for the Cessna dealership. Our pilots weren’t quite as, let’s …

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  3. In my opinion, before 9/11 happened, we were much closer to the tower controllers as pilots. Especially at the airport I learned how to fly at and later instructed. I used to bring my students up to the tower cab …

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  4. This is one of those strips that happened almost exactly like that in the real world, in one of Mike’s former companies. No names shall be named! Except Mike, who wasn’t the one doing the bidding though, if I remember …

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Cobb County International Airport - McCollum Field

Cobb County International Airport

McCollum Field is owned by Cobb County, operated by the County Department of Transportation characterizing it as a municipal airport. It is managed by a full-time, professional airport manager. The airport employs almost 185 people, and had an annual economic impact of more than $47 million to the local economy in 2002.

1723 McCollum Pkwy NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144